Axton Was Meant To Be Bisexual

Borderlands 2 Commando class Axton was meant to be Bisexual but it was canned due to the fear of backlash.

Revealed in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine (available in newsagents today), the trivia piece for Axton revealed Gearbox had planned to make Axton bisexual.

However the team eventually decided to scrap the plan as they thought the potential backlash would be too much of a risk.

Would you have minded Axton being bisexual? Let us know in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Axton Was Meant To Be Bisexual

    • Obviously you dont know what Bi is, bi smokes to pole and licks the shell that does not make him homo or hetero it makes him Bi :)

  1. This is one of those errors typically made by a person more familiar with the spoken than the written form of English. A sentence like “Would you of minded Axton being bisexual?” might normally be spoken in a slurred way so that the two words “would have” are not distinctly separated, but blended together into what is properly rendered “would’ve.” Seeing that “V” tips you off right away that “would’ve” is a contraction of “would have.” But many people hear “would of” and that’s how they write it. This is wrong.

  2. In games like Mass Effect, and Dragon Age the players have the choice to creat bi or gay characters. I don’t feel it should be forced in video games at this time. Games are differnt than movies, in games the character represents the player, therefore if the player is not bi, he or she should not be forced to play as a bi character. This is my opinion.

    • What if the player bi/gay hmn? The’re forced to play as straight characters. Firstly, it wouldn’t be like Gearbox was going to flaunt it around. It probably just would have been some offhand character dialog comment. Secondly, if you WOULDN’T have bought the game just because one of the characters was mentioned somewhere to be bisexual. That’s just sad. Get with the times. If something just MENTIONED makes you that uncomfortable … god.

      Hell I’m surprised you bought the last one; seeing as one of the characters was black.

  3. This is all a silly misconception, and poor form on the editors for not digging up the real backstory.

    The developers thought it would be funny for Axton to flirt with Maya when she was reviving him, prompting certain flirty dialogue options. However they soon realised that the engine was unable to identify which character was reviving them, and so having Axton’s flirty dialogue in there just meant that he’d flirt with ANYONE who revived him. Developers jokingly said he was bi because of this, and everyones jumped on the hype-train and taken it out of context.

    Do some research next time, seriously.

  4. EyeGlitch, that’d be like saying if the player isn’t a man, she shouldn’t be forced to play a male character. Who cares? I know, gender HAS to be forced, but there’s quite a few people that get annoyed about the plethora of male protagonists. nonetheless, as a homo myself I’m a bit disappointed to hear about this. No, I’m not going to backlash about it. I understand, I didn’t tell my parents until Sophomore year of High School from fear of backlash from my own family. Our society is over the bump of women’s equality, but LGBT, not quite. But hey, what about Mr. Shank? Sure, he was just a bandit and not a playable character, but no one made a huge riot about that… I dunno, it’s this fear that’s going to keep all of us from moving forward. I’m sure if this game was made 40 years ago (hypothetical situation here) Roland would’ve probably been white, from fear of backlash from the public. Forcing yourself to change your story so that you won’t step on people’s toes and call attention to yourself is a sad circumstance, but understandable and un-blamable.

    So to answer the question, I wouldn’t have minded, not a bit. I wish that they would change their minds, because it’s sticking it to the man like that that’ll make the world move forward. But if they don’t, I have no reason to sneeze at them for it. It’s not about image, it’s about keeping the monkeys off of their backs.

    But… Mr. Shank would be blowing them kisses from the clouds above for stepping up. (Or from down below, since he, you know, killed a frick-ton of people.)

    PS. If they don’t change it, I’m just going to imagine him as “in the closet.” That’ll make me feel better. :P

  5. I really don’t see how it would matter in the slightest, inter-character relations aren’t a part of the game and as far as I’m concerned, Axton is in a committed relationship with his automated turret.
    “Oh god, they’re making a character I might play as who has views I might not share that are inconsequential to the gameplay and most of the story in general?!Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war, that this foul deed shall smell above the earth with carrion men, groaning for burial.”
    …really, I doubt anyone who isn’t completely full of themselves would actually care.

  6. So what about gay or bi people that don’t get a choice in playing as a straight character, that’s not fair either. The developers should just have the balls to stick with their decisions and if anyone gets their panties bunched over a character liking P and V, they need to grow up.

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