New Enemies and Mechanics In Playthrough 2

It has been revealed Borderlands 2 will feature brand new enemies and mechanics in Playthrough 2 compared to the first playthrough.

Speaking in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, Gearbox’s art director Jeramy Cooke confirmed that players will most likely have to re-spec their characters after the first playthrough to accomodate the different features in Playthrough 2.

Cooke promised, “New mechanics and new creatures will appear that you’re [sic] wont see on your first run.”

This could be like the original where creatures were more powerful variants of that of the first playthrough.

He added, “You can dig deep down in the skill trees and find skills that you haven’t been able to access before, combining these things together with your gear. Super rare gear can sometimes change the way you play the game – you might, for example, find that gun that fires forever.”

We cannot wait for Borderlands 2, the game hits shelves on September 18th (US) and September 21st (EU). The latest of issue of Official Xbox Magazine is available from today in most newsagents in the UK.

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