Elemental/Damage Effects We Would Like To See

The elemental damage effects in Borderlands is one of the most strategic elements of our favourite looter and shooter, well when we say strategic what we mean is fun and different. Need to take out the Zombies on Dr Ned’s Island? Well bring out those incendiary weapons and watch them burn. Want to eliminate the thick armour of the Crimson Lance in Old Haven? Sure as long as you have some corrosive weapons to dissolve away the soldiers of Pandora. Granted you don’t actually NEED to use them to get through Borderlands but it does make the game so much more fun!

So with the hugely anticipated sequel Borderlands 2 hitting the shelves on September 18th (US) and September 21st (EU) we thought we would look at what Elemental damage effects that we’d love to see get added to the shooter ‘n’ looter. We already know the new element called Slag will be introduced, unfortunate foes being struck by Slag will take increased damage from other weapons, team this up with a couple of other guys and even the toughest of bosses could be taken out easily. But here is our dream list of new elements we would love to see in the Borderlands series. Let us know what you would like to see added in the comments section below.


With the new Tundra environment in Borderlands 2 we’d love to see Ice or Frost based weapons. This elemental damage could be a snare-styled tactic freezing opponents into place and potentially freezing surrounding enemies too with the more powerful 4x effects. In fairness the enemies within the Tundra themselves would obviously be unaffected by the damage but you could unleash frustration and hell onto the other inhabitants of Pandora around the world.

Another part of the freezing an enemy into place could be an after-effect where when the ice breaks and the target is freed the broken ice fires out shards in a circular attack from the frozen target striking nearby enemies much like the incendiary weapons in the original.


Now this is an elemental that we think could work very well in Borderlands. There are two different ways the Wind element could come into play with weapons. The first could be a knock back feature that launches enemies into the air and crash to the floor for a huge hit of damage. As the elemental power gets stronger the force of the air blast would be strong, potentially picking up more enemies in an arc in front of the weapon. There were a few weapons in the original with flavoured text (The Legend Lives), that knocked opponents back but we feel this ability could be extended further to be turned into a full blown elemental weapon.

The other way we thought the Wind elemental attacks could work was potentially causing a hurricane sucking the opponent, and depending on the elemental power of the weapon potentially more enemies, up into the air making them immobile for a brief period of time. However we felt this would be too much like Maya’s phaselock ability that she has.


This idea is something which could be either hugely overpowered or completely useless as a solo run. We’ve had medic classes from Talent Trees become a playable class in the original and there Maya the new siren has a healing tree in the sequel but what if we could turn any character we play as into a viable medic class with guns that heal? Before anyone says anything I know in the original there were a select few weapons which upon hitting an enemy returned a small percentage of health back to the shooter. But with this type of elemental weapon how about they work as a mechanic a bit like the transfusion grenades where they drain out the health of enemies and then heal the most needed member of your team with a percentage of health? There would need to be some sort of scaling rule for the effect though that would stop everyone just getting a beefy machine gun and pumping away round after round at an enemy topping up your health without feeling threatened.


Let’s be honest for a moment the landscape in the original Borderlands was barren, the colour brown was notorious with the world of Pandora but that’s soon to change with the sequel. We’ve got a vast variety of locations and environments in the sequel ranging from the already mentioned icy Tundra to the lush greenery of the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve and this is where our Vines elemental weapon comes into play. This could be a chance on hit effect which spawns live vines from out the floor slowing down the enemies in their path and also dealing damage as the spiked vines whip down on them. We also thought it could be a grenade mod that upon explosion sprouts the vines and deals additional damage on the opponents.


This would more be a grenade modification which still deals damage as a normal grenade but then adds a huge flash of light with the chance of dazing either one target creature or having an area-of-effect attack which momentarily dazes a group of bunched enemies giving you a brief window of opportunity of taking out your confused and stunned foes before they can even react.


The craziness of Borderlands is truly shown in this suggestion. Why not fire rounds which are laced with Rakk feed? This is probably the very much least likely of any of the potential new damage effects but this could cause a chance of summoning Rakks out of the air, having been drawn to the area by the Rakk feed, and then attack the unfortunate targets even potentially picking them up and dragging their corpses off into the sunset. As the damage effect increases so does the amount of the Rakks and area-of-effect of the Feed spread. Ok this is one we’ve definitely gone out of the norm for but everyone’s allowed some sort of imagination right?

So there you go; six pretty random potential weapon effects that we thought could be added to Borderlands 2. What do you think? Reckon we’re completely bonkers? Or have a suggestion of what you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments section below:

One thought on “Elemental/Damage Effects We Would Like To See

    WIND: Possibly
    First Aid: Stick to abilities
    Vines: No
    Flashbang: Yes
    Rakk Feed: Can I have what you’re smoking?

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