Borderlands 1 – Weapon Effects

We all love loot! Loot is the best thing to find in Borderlands, it’s the most wanted thing that drops from enemies and one of the main points of Borderlands. But some of you may be collecting weapons left, right and centre, picking up the rare weapons and notice the red text on the descriptions of them. But what do they mean?

Tales of Pandora gives you an extensive run down of each of the special texts, along with what weapons they’re linked with and what effects they may cause. Note we’ve separated guns dropped in the main game and new text types dropped in DLC The Secret Armoury of General Knoxx:

Combat Rifles

  • Basic Game:

    • 2 more bullets make all the difference, Dahl Raven: Instead of the three round burst fires off a five round burst.
    • A watchful eye, The Sentinel: Increases zoom on your rifle.
    • Guns of the Revolution will never fall silent!, Vladof Revolution: Extends your magazine but also reduces the rate of fire.
    • Hold your ground… Forever., Tediore Guardian: Regens ammo.
    • Ogre SMASH!, Atlas Ogre: High explosive elemental damage normally either x3 or x4.
    • The destructor has come, Hyperion Destroyer: While aiming down a scope will fire off whole magazine at once.
    • TORGUE! Bastard Guns for Bastard People!, Torgue Bastard: Your weapon will have an increase in damage but at the cost of lower accuracy.
    • War is in your blood, The Meat Grinder: Weapon will have an extended magazine and higher rate of fire but also be less accurate.
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

    • Poison in your veins, S&S Serpens: Magazine capacity is hugely increased along with the weapon having high corrosive chance and damage. Bullets fly in sideways snake-like wave pattern.
    • RAR! BRAR BRAR!, The Chopper: Huge magazine capacity and weapons fires off whole magazine in one shot.
    • Uncommon Power, Tediore Avenger: Single-shot with +50% Critical Damage, Ammo Regen and increased zoom.
    • Useful for kicking Hector’s bitch ass., Ajax’s Spear: Turns combat rifle accuracy into that of sniper-like proportions.


  • Basic Game

    • 12 bullets invade your skull, Hyperion Invader: While zoomed fires off whole magazine.
    • A gift from Papa Krom, Krom’s Sidearm: While zoomed fires in 3-round bursts.
    • Ammo is no longer an issue., Tediore Protector: Regens Ammo.
    • Big Tony Says “Hi”, S&S Thanatos: Larger magazine capacity
    • Bring the HEAT!, Maliwan Firehawk: High chance of fire damage with added area of effect fire damage.
    • Don’t drop it… might lose a toe., The Clipper: Special Nine-Toes repeater with +100% melee damage and Incendiary x1.
    • Double Whammy., S&S Gemini: Fires 4 bullets but counts as only a 2-round burst.
    • Feel the Sting, Dahl Hornet: Corrosive damage with a 200% Fire rate burst count.
    • Sometimes, I Forget To Reload, The Dove: Gun doesn’t consume to ammo.
    • Never stop shooting!, Vladof Rebel: Increased fire rate and magazine capacity.
    • Omnia vincit amor, Lady Finger: Weapon has +100% critical damage.
    • Pain Heals., Atlas Troll: While equipped in hand will regen health at the rate of 1HP/sec.
    • Slice Slice, Hyperion Reaper: Has a +300% melee damage and if you kill an enemy will restore a part of your health bar.
    • Vengeance is yours, Vladof Vengeance: Weapons has a chance to ignored shielded enemies.
    • Your move, Creep., Torgue Violator: A 3-round burst with each round firing 3-bullets.
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

    • Bling!, Knoxx’s Gold: Special gold plated weapons that can be sold for a much higher price to vendors.
    • Say “Hello”, Chiquito Amigo: Larger magazine capacity and higher fire rate.
    • There is no escape, Hyperion Nemesis: Weapon has a chance to cause corrosive and shock damage.
    • War is the final option, Athena’s Wisdom: Weapon has increased critical hit damage and increased accuracy.
    • You can run, but you can’t hide., Vladof Stalker: Bullets ricochet 5 times.


  • Basic Game

    • A beast of many forms – Fire, Lightning, and Poison, Atlas Chimera: Bullets are explosive but on hit have a chance to cause either Shock, Corrosion or Incendiary damage.
    • Fools! They called me maaaad!, Madjack: Bullets ricochet and move in zig-zag movement. Weapon also has high rate of fire and causes explosive damage.
    • Give Sick, Pestilent Defiler: Upon hit causes High Corrosive damage with potential of AOE corrosion damage.
    • It’s a helluva thing…, Jakobs Unforgiven: +100% Critical Hit Damage
    • Long and Strong, Dahl Anaconda: Weapon has an increased damage output and increased accuracy.
    • May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t., Atlas Patton: Increased damage.
    • Unending Firepower, Tediore Equalizer: Regens Ammo.
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

    • Your life is mine, Atlas Aries: Deals shock damage to enemies and also upon hitting an enemy restores health to yourself.


  • Basic Game

    • Beware the Horde!, Vladof Mongol: Large rocket splits up into smaller rockets.
    • Death rains from above, Hyperion Nidhogg: Rockets have a MIRV effect and fires off multiple smaller rockets onto the floor.
    • Gonna cook someone today, The Roaster: Causes high fire elemental damage as well as creating a small mushroom cloud effect.
    • It rises!, Leviathan: Rockets that are affected by gravity. Arc downwards but explodes upwards.
    • Monster Kill!, Torgue Redemption: Uses multiple rockets for one shot and is rather slow moving when fired but has a huge blast radius.
    • The Unstoppable Force, Maliwan Rhino: When fired the rocket will explode numerous times on the way to target and then detonate on impact.
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

    • Take ’em UNDER, Torgue Undertaker: Weapon has increased damage and increased splash damage. Rocket launcher also has increased magazine capacity.


  • Basic Game

    • Ahhh… Fresh meat!, Hyperion Butcher: A fast five-shot burst.
    • Beyond Groovy, Boom Stick: Fires entire magazine in one shot but rounds come out as rockets. Only uses the default magazine size and doesn’t take into consideration mods to increase magazine sizes.
    • Bring out your Dead, Maliwan Crux: High corrosive damage.
    • Cross their heart, hope they die., S&S Crux: Fires explosive rounds normally x2 in a cross shape.
    • Drop the Hammer!, Vladof Hammer: Explosive rounds x3 fires in a shape of a hammer.
    • Have a nice day!, Torgue Friendly Fire: Incendiary rounds x2 when fired makes the shape of a smiley face.
    • I can do this all day…, Tediore Defender: Regens Ammo
    • It’s a painful thing, The Blister: Weapon will have a scope and corrosive damage.
    • One Bad Dog!, Dahl Bulldog: Weapon will have a 20-Round Magazine and very fast reload capabilities.
    • Ride the Wave, Dude!, T.K’s Wave: Fires rounds in waves and ricochets.
    • Sniper Rifles are for Chumps., Jakobs Striker: Pellets bunch closer together with higher accuracy and +30% critical damage.
    • The Legend Lives, Sledge’s Shotgun: Special drop from Sledge, has a 10000% burst fire and knocks back the target.
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

    • This dog bites, Dahl Jackal: Fires like a grenade launcher.


  • Basic Game

    • A hunter lives among the stars…, S&S Orion: Shots turn into three smaller electric shots after ricocheting.
    • BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!, Hyperion Invader: When scoped weapon fires off 5 rounds in a burst.
    • Careful… you might put someone’s eye out., Rider: Large clip and fast fire rate however has no scope.
    • For the Motherland., Vladof Surkov: Reload speed is hugely increased.
    • I have you in my eye, sir., Atlas Cyclops: Double bullet velocity and weapon has a 5.2x Zoomed scope.
    • I LIKE IT!, Torgue Cobra: High explosive damage.
    • Makes their brain hurt, Jakobs Skullmasher: Has the same fire effect as a shotgun firing off 6 projectiles.
    • Pele demands a sacrifice!, Maliwan Volcano: Rounds cause high fire damage, also causes AOE and ignites nearby enemies.
    • Sniper Killer… Qu’est que c’est, Dahl Penetrator: Sniper is fully automatic.
    • The cutting edge, Reaver’s Edge: Larger magazine capacity and a 3.2x Zoom.
    • Thwack!, Nailer: Increased critical damage.
    • Why don’t you go shoot yourself an elephant?, Whitting’s Elephant Gun: Weapon has no scope but has increased damage.
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

    • Good Touch, Kyros’ Power: Damage is increased and weapon fires off explosive damage. On hitting an enemy a portion of your health is restored.
    • That’s my girl…, Jakobs Bessie: Increased damage and +500% Critical Hit Damage. While zoomed in with the 2.8x weapon zoom the weapon has 100% accuracy and increased bullet velocity.

Submachine Guns

  • Basic Games

    • Hallelujah, Tediore Savior: Regens ammo.
    • I spy with my little eye…, Hyperion The Spy: When zoomed in has increased accuracy to match that of Sniper Rifles
    • Smack ’em, Hyperion Bitch: Increased accuracy while being shot at, elemental damage effects are increased if any on weapon.
    • Tear it up, Torgue Gasher: Fires 3-round bursts.
    • The lead wind blows, Bone Shredder: Fires two bullets for the cost of a single bullet in 2-round bursts.
    • The ultimate close quarters feline., Dahl Wildcat: Increased magazine capacity, accuracy is decreased.
    • We don’t need no water…, Maliwan Hellfire: High chance of fire damage and upon every hit the effect is stacked and increases.
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

    • Flee the wave!, Maliwan Tsunami: Rounds shoot in sideways movement and also ricochet. Upon each ricochet the round alternates between shock and corrosive damage.
    • Phooon!, Typhoon: Weapon has an increased fire rate, after a certain distance round splits into three rounds

Eridian Weapons

The text on most of the Eridian weapons actually represents the entire type of alien weapon rather than a specific effect. With Secret Armory it does change to causing effects too.

  • Basic Game

    • 010011110100110101000111, Eridian Cannon (In binary, it is the ASCII encoding for “OMG”.)
    • I feel like I’m gonna break this thing., Eridian Lightning
    • Lightning never strikes the same place twice, but it can strike freaking everywhere!, Eridian Thunder Storm:Same firing effect as a shotgun but fires off electrical shock damage instead.
    • Pew Pew Pew!, Eridian Blaster, Eridian Wave Blaster, Eridian Ball Blaster, Eridian Mercurial Blaster
  • From The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

    • Bad is good. BABY! Eridian Firebomb: Fires large fire splash rounds that then explode outwards upon impact.
    • For when you want to splat something. Eridian Splat Gun: Fires a ball of acid that bursts into three smaller corrosive rounds on impact.
    • Full of electric death. Eridian Rifle: Electric elemental damage where the rounds ricochet and causes more shock damage upon impact.
    • I think you have something on your shoe. Eridian Glob Gun: Corrosive rounds that are affected by gravity and fire in an arc.
    • Smoke on the water… Eridian Flaregun: Invisible rounds that cause incendiary damage upon impact. Rounds are affected by gravity and fires in an arc.
    • Splat! Sploch! Spluch! Eridian Rolling Spatter Gun: Corrosive rounds that bounce and ricochet off environment.
    • You’ll need some bat guano… Eridian Fireball: Fires a incendiary ball at target.
    • 010011110100110101000111 Eridian Mega Cannon: Similar to the one in the Basic Game but is much more powerful.
    • For when you want to splat the living shit out of something Eridian Stampeding Spatter Gun: Corrosive rounds that ricochet and bounce off environment.

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